Belfast Squadron in recruitment drive

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The North Irish Horse Light Cavalry Squadron of the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry Regiment is to establishing a Support Troop at the Army Reserve Centre in Coleraine.

Major Mark Gannon, Squadron Leader of the North Irish Horse Squadron, said: “Our home has always been in Belfast, it will continue to be for the long-term and we continue to grow the Recce Troops in Dunmore Park as well.

“With expansion happening in Coleraine we will now be returning to the other spiritual home in the North and North-West, where the North Irish Horse has historical links.

“The success and the appeal of the Light Cavalry role is why we our expanding this Squadron. We recruit across all of the Northern Ireland dynamics and I am fortunate to work in an organisation that makes a fantastic part-time job offer. We hold an immensely impressive standard of kit and equipment that is not readily available in other areas of military service.”

When asked on the type of character that would be suited to the Army Reserve, Major Gannon replied: “ I was once a young man looking for challenges, travel, a good standard of training and an environment where you knew you could make a difference and fuse some lasting friendships. The fact that this is all offered in the Army Reserve and that we are well-paid should make it appealing to anyone who can be available one weekend per month and one training night per week.”

If you are interested in joining the Light Cavalry you can find the North Irish Horse at either Dunmore Park Army Reserve Centre, Belfast BT15 3FR or in Coleraine Army Reserve Centre, BT52 2AA. Tel: 02892260319 to make an appointment to visit or log-on to: to stay up to date on what the North Irish Horse training involves.