Christmas jobs: getting one and the value it can bring

Rhonda Henry.''Picture by Darren Kidd /
Rhonda Henry.''Picture by Darren Kidd /

If you’re looking for a job or to gain work experience, Christmas can be a great time to get work.

It can help you gain valuable experience, confidence and of course help to pay the bills.

Rhonda Henry, Local Office Manager for Coleraine Jobs & Benefits office in the Department for Employment and Learning’s (DEL) Employment Service explains: “Many retailers are planning to take on more staff in the run up to Christmas. There is the potential for a significant number of temporary Christmas jobs in areas such as sorting offices, shops, supermarkets and the hospitality sector.

“To find the opportunities you need to be proactive. The best place to start your job search is at Other options include recruitment agencies and recruitment websites such as, or

“To eliminate expensive advertising costs, many employers advertise Christmas vacancies in the windows of their premises, online or by word of mouth. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and it’s worth paying a visit to your local shopping centre. They may have a bulletin of current vacancies that the stores have available - you may find it at the customer service desk.”

Rhonda says that your CV is “crucial”.

“Make sure you adjust it to highlight the skills required for the Christmas jobs you’re looking at, such as customer service and communication skills,” she says.

“ ou might need a few different versions depending on the line of work you apply for. Always include a covering letter highlighting relevant sections of your CV and other details like your availability. Staff are here to assist you update or develop your cv so please get in touch with us - you can find your local office on social-security-jobs-and-benefits-offices

“Bigger companies normally have formal application procedures - you might have to fill in an application form either online or by hand.

“Don’t forget that if you’re claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), or any other benefits, you’ll need to let the relevant people know about any change in your circumstances.

“Christmas work can give you a chance to gain new transferable skills, meet new people and explore other career options. Before you leave your temporary job, don’t forget to ask your employer if they would act as a referee when you apply for other work. Add the temporary job to your CV, even if you think it doesn’t match the type of the work you’re looking for, as a lot of employers think it’s better to have some work on a CV rather than a gap.

“Temporary posts can provide a gateway to longer term opportunities. Make yourself a real team player, get along with colleagues and who knows, they may keep you on permanently.

“Even if you don’t get offered a permanent position, there may still be future opportunities. The company may recall you based on your hard work and this could lead to additional seasonal or permanent work.”