Firm’s Made in Northern Ireland award

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Coleraine company Nicobrand is celebrating a Made In Northern Ireland award.

The local firm specialises in the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade nicotine and other nicotine-based active pharmaceutical ingredients for inclusion in smoking cessation products such as chewing gum, transdermal patches and inhalers. Nicobrand has also developed a range of high quality products for supply into the burgeoning electronic cigarette market.

“The award is a testimony to all the hard working individuals who have contributed to the company’s success for over 30 years” said Mark McQuillan, Managing Director.” In nicotine we have a very unique resource, which combined with our strong regulatory pedigree from the US FDA and UK MHRA, leaves us well positioned to serve our customers. We are delighted to have won this award and we look forward to the continued development of the nicotine business here in Coleraine.”

Nicobrand, which employs 25 people, now goes forward to the UK finals in July.