Lynas Food Outlet strikes ham deal with FC Robinson

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Lynas Foodservice have struck a deal with FC Robinson to supply ‘Assured Origin’ NI Pork Christmas Gammons at its Food Outlet this Christmas.

FC Robinson, the award winning local pork product supplier, is promoting premium quality ‘Assured Origin’ Christmas Gammons across the butchery and retail sectors in the build up to the busiest retail period of the year.

According to Alvin Donaghy at FC Robinson consumers are unaware that a lot of the gammons available at Christmas are imported from the EU.

“The products we supply from FC Robinson are 100% ‘Assured Origin’ NI Pork, yet in recent years the Christmas Gammon market has become increasingly saturated with imported produce.

“This year we are working with partners such as Lynas Foodservice to support local produce and to educate consumers that ‘Assured Origin’ Christmas Gammons are guaranteed to be the best quality ham you can have with your Christmas dinner.

“We are delighted to have Lynas Foodservice support, and whilst the products are being showcased in Lynas Food Outlet, they are also available through the delivered side of the business.”

Thelatest deal with FC Robinson underpins Lynas Foodservice commitment to supporting local suppliers and the local pig farming industry.

Nigel McCullough at Lynas Foodservice, says: “Our customers expect us to supply quality products, and through our long standing relationship with FC Robinson we are looking forward to stocking and promoting ‘Assured Origin’ NI Gammons across the festive period.

Norman Robson, Chairman of the Pork & Bacon Forum said: “The commitment made by Lynas Foodservice and their relationship with FC Robinson genuinely helps us protect our local industry. The ‘Assured Origin’ label tells consumers that the product conforms to some of the highest possible standards and when it comes to Christmas dinner it also guarantees that the ham is going to taste delicious.”