Magherabuoy drops Best Western status

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THE Magherabuoy Hotel has decided to sever links with the Best Western hotel group after more than five years, it was announced yesterday.

The directors of the Portrush hotel have decided to revert to operating the hotel as an entirely independent property.

The change takes effect from this Friday when the hotel will officially drop the ‘Best Western’ prefix, and thereafter be known as Magherabuoy House Hotel.

Speaking to the The Coleraine Times, Managing Director, Trevor Clarke, said: “We have been aware that the view was held by the public that Magherabuoy was owned by Best Western, and that the hotel was part of an American hotel chain; this is not and has never been the case.

“In today’s market, it makes sense that our hotel branding should clearly reflect that Magherabuoy is locally owned and operated.

“As directors, we are committed to making Magherabuoy a continued success for our customers, suppliers and staff, and believe that this decision will go a long way in helping us to achieve that objective.

“We value the benefits the Hotel has enjoyed whilst operating within the Best Western brand, however we believe our decision to once again operate solely under the Hotel’s own identity is the correct move for the Magherabuoy at this time.”

Mr Clarke said he hoped the hotel would continue to offer top class accommodation and service to all its patrons.

“I would emphasise that departure from the Best Western brand does not change the terms of any existing booking with the hotel, and will not alter the standard of service you should expect from the Magherabuoy,” he said.

“We will be working as hard as ever to ensure all our customers continue to be delighted with their ‘Magherabuoy experience’.

Mr. Clarke went on to add that he felt the there was renewed optimism in Portrush’s prospects for the year ahead. “There is so much going on in tourism in Northern Ireland this year, with superb new visitor centres opening very shortly for Titanic and on our own doorstep at the Giant’s Causeway.

“During the incoming season we have the Olympic Torch run passing through Portrush and the Irish Open in town, in addition to the very many annual top-class international events including the North West 200, Milk Cup and Airshow.

“It is also great to see the public realm in the town being upgraded, for example at Station Square, and the dilapidation addressed throughout the town.

“There is a genuine sense of excitement and pride in Portrush at the moment for 2012, and that is very much the case at Magherabuoy also. So the time for Magherabuoy to leave the Best Western brand could never be more opportune for us.”