Men admit involvement in street fight in which Trevor Spiers died

FOUR men admitted involvement in street fight outside a Portstewart nightclub in which one man died and another was injured.

Among the four is 33-year-old Francis Paul McCormick, of Queens Court, Coleraine, who on Thursday morning admitted to the manslaughter of 28-year-old Trevor Spiers, attacked outside Shenanigans’ nightclub on December 13, 2009.

In addition to the charge that he unlawfully fought and made an affray, McCormick also pleaded guilty to assault, occasioning actual bodily harm to Michael Paul Black injured during the fighting.

McCormick’s 22-year-old nephew Paul McCormick from Edenmore Way, Ballymoney, also pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Black and the charge of affray.

Of the other two accused to plead to the affray, 33-year-old Luke McArthur from Portstewart Road Coleraine, and 25-year-old Robert Peter Henderson, of Greenhall Manor, also Coleraine, Henderson also admitted assisting offenders by disposing of a necklace.

The Antrim Crown Court jury of six men and six women, sitting in Coleraine, were told that sentencing will take place on March 30.