Michael becomes member of Butchery Excellence Scheme

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Northern Ireland’s first Butchery Excellence Scheme has just launched to help butchers across the country keep on top of changes to legislation and the associated costs to implement changes.

It’s estimated that changes cost butchers well over £3,000 per year and for many butchers cost and time pressures are rising significantly.

A local business, Chill Food Hall from Stone Row, Coleraine has become one of the first members to sign up to the scheme in a bid to avail of expert advice, whilst curbing costs.

Explaining the scheme, Rhonda Montgomery, Director of the Butchery Excellence Scheme says: “Over the last few years, more and more legislation has been introduced and butchers costs are rising. The forthcoming EC1169/2011 legislation will put further pressure on butchers to ensure that all foods sold loose and pre-pack comply with the new regulations. We would like to welcome Chill Food Hall to the Scheme.”

Michael Devine, from Chill Food Hall, said: “At Chill Food Hall, we always aim to ensure that we’re providing the best in customer care, with superior services, innovative products and adhering to all legislation. That’s why we have joined the Butchery Excellence Scheme and will be availing of its services and advice throughout the year.”

“With new legislation, comes training and processes, and the costs of implementing these changes quickly mounts up over the year.

“Through our membership of the Butchery Excellence Scheme, we’ve been able to roll of these associated costs into one package.”