Moyle chair says let’s move on now

Moyle chairperson, Cllr Cara McShane has said that, now there is finality on the issue of a Tesco development, ”we need to move on and plan ahead in the best interests of Ballycastle”.

Cllr McShane said: “There were always pros and cons for this development in Ballycastle and while many people will be relieved at this outcome, many others will be extremely disappointed. However the reality is, Planning Service made their decision on this proposal in 2011 and it has now been backed up this week by the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) to refuse the application.

“I note two points from the PAC decision however. Firstly, the damage that this application has done to consumer confidence in the town until the outcome of this application was known. And secondly, the PAC’s ruling that Tesco had approached the consideration of an alternative site in the town centre in “a negative manner”.

“A Revitalise scheme is nearing completion in part of the business area of the town, with a massive improvement to the streetscape of the area. The Council; Tourist Board; Chamber of Commerce; Ballycastle Community Development Group and other agencies are working together on various projects, not least the Giro d’Italia cycling race which will be coming through the town in May.

“We can no longer get distracted by the Tesco issue, but instead continue to work together at bringing the best for the people who live and visit this town. We also need to work alongside Tesco to explore alternative uses for their site on Leyland Road, which has become a real eyesore in one of the main entrances to the town.”