By working to together we can beat cancer sooner

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A young research technician has taken time out of the lab to highlight Cancer Research UK’s Beat Cancer Sooner campaign - and is asking local people to get involved.

Kirsty McLaughlin from Portstewart, posed with a giant hour glass to demonstrate that time is running out for cancer – thanks to advances being made in research.

“This important campaign is helping to show that research can beat cancer,” said Kirsty “ And that’s why we are asking people throughout the province to spend some time helping to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

“Whether it’s entering a local fundraising event, returning sponsorship money for Race for Life, or donating goods to your nearest Cancer Research UK shop, there are many ways to get involved.”

Research has been responsible for saving nearly 520,000 lives since the 1980s.

Kirsty continued: “As the advances accelerate, we are already laying the foundations for the next generation of cancer treatments that will save millions of lives worldwide. “

“These include personalised medicine where patients will have treatment tailored to their cancer, immunotherapy which harnesses the immune system to target cancer, better radiotherapy and improved surgery.

Kirsty went on to add: “But research is expensive and that’s why we need the help of local people to help us take the next steps.”