Call to restore fountain at Captain Street

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A proud Killowen woman is calling on the local community to help her restore the old fountain on Captain Street.

Generations of local families have taken their children to the fountain, which historians believe dates back to the 1870’s, to see the crystal clear water flowing down the street’s steep hill.

And one Coleraine woman is determined to see it restored to its former glory.

Margaret Peacock was born and raised in Pates Lane and has fond memories of the fountain and it’s magical uses. Margaret said: “I would love to see it cleaned up and restored to his former glory. It really is in a sorry state.”

Margaret admits that it’s a project that has been on her mind for some time.

“Although I no longer live in that area of the town, I live on the other side, I often drive past and see the state that it’s in now.

“I was born and reared in Killowen, and I think I owe it to the good people of the area to get it cleaned up.

“I remember my uncle bringing water from the fountain to my father as he lay dying, for many people the water from that tap had special powers.

“Killowen people are unique, they are good people and I know that they will support me on this.”

According to historians, a bore hole was sunk into Captain Street in 1870 and spring water was found at 80 feet, to back up this theory, other photographs taken around that time show the fountain.

Any locals who share Margaret’s passion to restore this historical part of Killowen should contact Nichola at The Coleraine Times on 703 55260 or through The Coleraine Times facebook page.