Campbell slams continued costs of Saville Inquiry

Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell

The DUP’s East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has slammed the Government’s revelation that almost 10 years after the last witness left the stand at the Saville Inquiry the taxpayer was still being asked to pay invoices related to the most expensive public inquiry in the UK’s history.

Mr Campbell hit out during Northern Ireland Questions as the historic costs relating to the near £200m Saville Inquiry were queried by MPs.

Commenting Mr Campbell said: “After the outrageous costs of the inquiry by Lord Saville were published, the Prime Minister rightly judged that such astronomical expenditure of public money could not be justified. I am glad the Government belatedly stands by that commitment.

“Through Parliamentary Questions, I have established that the Saville Inquiry costs continue to mount years later. Up to last year the NIO paid almost £8,000 for website costs for the inquiry. The last witness left the stand in January 2005. However this is not the only cost as the appointment of 30 officers to investigate the aftermath could run close to £8m.

“The families bereaved through La Mon, Kingsmills, Teebane, Dropping Well and Bloody Friday among others would yearn for similar investment to be made in the deaths of their loved ones. There is not a level playing field and its long past time the balance was restored.”