Candidates are announced


Candidates vying for a seat on the newly-constituted Causeway Coast and Glens District council will have a tough campaign ahead of them given the numbers who have declared their intention to go to the electorate.

A total of 82 candidates have put their names forward for election to fight for one of 50 seats.

The new wards for the Causeway Coast and Glens District council are as follows: Ballymoney; Bann; Benbradagh; Causeway; Coleraine; Limavady and The Glens.

Running alongside the European elections, there appears to be keen interest in the new council set-up which sees the existing 26 councils completely re-structured and reduced to eleven with enhanced powers.

The Causeway electoral has also attracted the most candidates with 15.

In the Causeway Ward Leanne Abernethy (Ind); David Alexander (Aspire to Better); Frank Campbell (DUP); Mark Fielding (DUP); Barney Fitzpatrick (Alliance); Maura Hickey (SDLP); Norman Hillis (UUP); Sandra Hunter (UUP) and Bill Kennedy (DUP), Angela Knot (DUP); Sharon McKillop (TUV); Robert McPherson (UUP); Adrian Parke (UKIP); Thomas Stirling (TUV) and Alison Torrens (Independent) will fight for seven seats.

In Bann the candidates are Ciaran Archibald (Sinn Fein); Sam Cole (DUP); Elizabeth Collins (TUV); Richard Holmes (UUP); William King (UUP); Michelle Knight-McQuillan (DUP); Roisin Loftus (SDLP) and Charlie McConaghie (Alliance). Five will be elected.

In the Coleraine ward the candidates are Yvonne Boyle (Alliance); Trevor Clarke (DUP); Tommy Collins (TUV); Tracy Craig (DUP); George Duddy (DUP); Billy Ellis (Independent); Phyliss Fielding (DUP); Margaret Fleming (Sinn Fein); David Harding (UUP); William McCandless (UUP), Christopher McCaw (Aspire to Better); William Ogiliby (UKIP); Stephanie Quigley (SDLP) and Russell Watton (PUP). There will be six candidates elected.