Causeway Coast and Glens Family History Society

The first Branch Meeting of the Causeway Coast and Glens Family History Society in 2018 falls on Tuesday, January 30 at 8pm with a talk by Alister McReynolds on Kith and Kin, The Continuing Legacy of The Scotch-Irish in America.

The meeting will be held in The Guide Hall, Terrace Row, Coleraine.

Convenient access and free parking in behind Terrace Row Presbyterian Church. Members, guests and visitors are all welcome to attend with a £3 door charge for non members.

The meeting will be folowed by light refreshments and a chance to share research interests.

2018 is especially relevant to family historians in the region being the 300th anniversary of the marked emigration from our shores to New Hampshire and Maine, and other parts of New England. The 1718 group which boarded five sailing ships that summer was a determined bunch with a firm purpose.

It was led by the redoubtable Rev James McGregor, a minister and fluent speaker of Ulster Irish (a kindred language to Scots Gaelic). He also had a connection to the wider McGregor family since he was reputedly a cousin of Rob Roy MacGregor, the Scottish outlaw who became a folk hero.

The Branch will join other historical societies and organistaion at events throughout the year marking the anniversary.