Causeway U3A hold annual general meeting and talk

The annual general meeting of Causeway U3A took place this month.

All Offices were filled. Jerry Sayers has his second year as Chairperson, the new Vice Chair is Clare Carter.

As part of the meeting Jim Hunter gave members an update on the joint project with Foyle U3A.

Using PowerPoint and music Jim told the audience about the proposed Hervey Heritage Trail. This is a seven point trail from the Giant’s Causeway to Derry.

A sponsored trail map is with the printers and the hope is to follow it with a booklet and information boards.

While the trail will be steeped in the 18th century many of the buildings and roads can still be seen.

For example the Bishops Road with Gortmore viewing point and interesting churches and headstones. In Derry there is St Columb’s Cathedral and Long Tower Chapel, the Palace and the Casino Residence.

Bishop Hervey- most remembered in this area for Downhill House - also built new Church of Ireland churches andhelped fund new Presbyterian and Catholic buildings.