CGS show Christie Chemistry is fun

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The Chemistry Department at Coleraine Grammar School were delighted to host Primary 7 pupils from D.H. Christie to take part in a session of practical experiments recently.

After being introduced to the lively Chemistry laboratories in the school pupils were briefed on ‘Safety and Hazards’ before the time came to don safety glasses and set to work in groups on an exciting and vibrant task to discover why fireworks have different colours.

Next, the pupils enjoyed a noisy time with hydrogen gas but the meagre ‘pops’ were suitably outdone by Mr Millen’s explosive balloon demonstration! Indeed, hydrogen wasn’t the only gas pupils tested; the groups experienced the awesome combustion power of oxygen with the Christie teachers becoming embroiled in a competitive battle of ‘How many times did the glowing splint relight?’

It has to be said that he Christie pupils proved to be conscientious, attentive and enthusiastic throughout the duration of the session – important qualities which the Chemistry Department at Coleraine Grammar School aim to foster in all pupils. Mrs Reid and Mr Millen would like to thank Year 13 and 14 students for assisting them with proving that Chemistry is FUN!