Changes to trading at Lansdowne


Council is to make changes to trading pitches at Lansdowne Crescent in Portrush in light of road safety concerns.

There are currently four pitches at the Ramore Head carpark, but at a meeting of Council’s Environment Committee last week, members were told that concerns had been raised about road safety by DRD Roads Service.

Members heard that customers for the vendors were queueing on the roadway and that other concerns had been raised about parking arrangements employed by the vendors.

Since the concerns were raised, Council had written to the vendors requesting that they trade onto the footpath.

Council officer Rory Donnelly told members that officers ‘remained concerned’ that even after this measure the risk of a road traffic accident remains high. A recommendation to rescind the trading pitches and carry out a consultation exercise was agreed by members.

UUP Alderman William King asked if a reduced speed limit could be looked at for the area under the new system. This was seconded by cllr Holmes.

PUP councillor Russell Watton was concerned that traders wouldn’t be able to trade during the summer season as a result of the changes.

Responding, Mr Donnelly explained that the traders would remain as they were for the incoming season.