Charity clothing bank warning

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The TinyLife charity is urging people in the North Coast not to use clothing banks branded with the TinyLife logo - as they are not genuine, and the charity is not benefitting from the clothing donations.

Valerie Cromie, Head of Fundraising and Communication told The Times: “We have been advised that a rogue clothing bank trader in the area is using our branding to attract donations for their clothing banks.

“We have launched an appeal on Facebook and Twitter asking people to advise of their locations.

“Already we have had over 500 shares and the PSNI have been notified of this fraudulent activity.

According to the charity fraudulent clothing banks have recently been spotted at Tesco Superstore, Portstewart and Tesco in Coleraine Town Centre.

TinyLife provide both emotional and practical support families of children who have a baby requiring neonatal or intensive care, or who have been born with a disability.

They are appealing to Times raeders to notify them of any other ‘TinyLife’ clothing banks that they may come across in the Coleraine area or beyond.