Child Contact volunteering

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Local volunteers have been praised for their work in support the Child Contact Centre.

Seventeen volunteers have given well over five years service and five have over three years service.

The Child Contact Centre is open for three sessions a week, two in Coleraine - one on a Tuesday afternoon and one on a Saturday morning. Ballycastle is also open on a Saturday morning.

The centres could not function without the commitment care and skills of the volunteers.

The volunteers enable children to see a parent they no longer live with in a safe neutral child-friendly environment on a regular basis which otherwise would not happen.

This is so crucial for the emotional well–being of children.

The Annual Meeting will be at The House, Abbey Street at on Monday, April 12 at 12.30pm when Catherine Mullin, Independent Social Worker, will be the speaker.

The centre is keen to recruit new volunteers (including men) particularly for Ballycastle.

Training will be provided. If you feel you could offer at least one session a month contact Shirley McPhillimy 07899792948 or