Childminding could be your new career

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Are you looking for a change of career to fit around your family?

Registered Childminding could be the perfect way for you to work and care for your own children at the same time.

On Monday, May 9, the NICMA – the Childminding Association will host an information event at ASDA in Coleraine, from 10.00am – 2.00pm.

If you love children and want to help give them the best start in life, being a registered childminder could be the ideal job for you.

Childminding can offer fantastic career opportunities.

From making a difference to a child’s life, to being your own boss and working from home.

As a registered Childminder you will:

Work closely with parents to share in the care and development of children from a few months old to 12 years of age and sometimes beyond;

Offer the children a happy and stimulating home-based care and learning environment;

Work in your own home as a self employed day care provider, choosing the hours you work and the services you provide; Be able to care for your own children at the same time.

Registered childminders are childcare professionals who work in their own home caring for other people’s children.

They provide a unique home-from-home setting where small groups of children of mixed age ranges are offered a range of activities to meet their individual needs.

By law, they must be registered with the local Health Trust which provides reassurance to parents and ensures that the service offered meets minimum standards. For more information visit