Christie kids make rubbish into a work of art

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Pupils of DH Christie Memorial Primary School has turned beach rubbish into a work of art.

Through the Wildlife Trust competition, the children gathered rubbish from the local beaches and collaboratively created their creation of ‘The Junk Octopus on his Oven Treasure Chest’.

Finding an old oven lying on Benone beach, the school contacted the local council and then used the oven as the base and treasure chest for their piece. Then they used all the materials they had gathered to created their final masterpiece.

A spokesperson for the school said: “They had such fun working together and discussing what the material could be used for. It was also interesting to hear the children discuss the amount of waste and the dangers to wildlife, as well as how long it would have lay there if they had not lifted it from the beach.

“This has definitely been a worthwhile project and a very invaluable additional to their topic work linking to the local environment and community.”