Christmas meeting for Macosquin WI

THE president of Macosquin Women’s Institute , Georgina Henry, welcomes everyone to the December meeting held in the parish hall.

New programmes for 2013 were available for everyone.

The meeting was a members’ night with Gladys Wallace acting as compere.

Poems were delivered by Valerie Cochrane and Eva McClements and a sketch entitled ‘Who’s Talking”, performed by four thespian members, Joanne Kennedy, Ismae Tannahill, Helen McIntyre and Eva McClements.

There followed an appreciation of the committee through a quiz after which each committee member received a gift.

A special festive supper was enjoyed by everyone including a delicious Christmas cake baked by member Vivienne Wright.

The competition for a Christmas present for donation to Brook residents was won by Gladys Wallace with Eileen Richmond second and Joyce Allen third.

Maureen McKay and Jane Armour presented a very thorough epilogue underlining the real meaning of Christmas. The evening concluded with a rendition of carols.

President Georgina wished everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas and presented each member with a gift.