Churches Forum Remembrance Day

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Coleraine Borough Churches Forum hosted their annual Day of Remembrance last Saturday.

The special guest was deputy Coleraine Mayor Yvonne Boyle who joined withmembers of the public from across the faith divide to reflect on those who had lost their lives during the Troubles.

“It was a poignant reminder of the human cost when the reading of names began at 10:30am and completed at 3.00 pm,” chair of the Forum, Rev. Bert Ritchie, commented.

“No matter how dim the light shines, it must shine. If for no other reason as a reminder to future generations of the futility of conflict.

“The Churches Forum continues in its commitment to provide opportunity to share in works of reconciliation.

“I personally give thanks and recognise the courage of those who broke from sectarian ranks some years ago at a time in which it was not popular to do so and help build this Forum which has become a core leader in building peace and reconciliation in our Borough.”