Ciara gets new style for charity as mum undergoes treatment

Little Ciara Watson got SIX inches cut off her hair on Friday afternoon in a bid to be just like her mummy.

Thursday, 28th May 2015, 7:00 am

Ciara’s mum, Karen is currently undergoing chemotheraphy treatment for breast cancer.

When Karen (38) explained to her two children that she would loose her hair as a result of the treatment, five-year-old Ciara’s reaction was ‘mummy I could get my long hair cut, and you could make a wig out of it.’

“I never thought any more of it,” said Karen, a receptionist at a local Hotel.

“She mentioned it again the day I attended the macmillan unit to pick a wig.

“At that stage I explained to Ciara that her hair would be no good for a wig for me, but that there was a charity that made wigs for children who have lost their hair.”

Ciara, who is a pupil at Portrush Primary School, had been growing her hair for a wedding last week.

“She was adamant about getting it cut after the wedding,” said Karen, “so we eventually agreed to allow her to get it cut, and so far she has raised £950 for the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. Her hair will be donated to a charity that makes wigs for children.”

Karen said she is very proud of her daughter: “She is a very sensitive little girl. I was doing Ciara’s hair on Friday morning, I explained that she wouldn’t be able to have it done in the same way after she got it cut. But she just said to me that she knows it will grow back, and that maybe she would let it grow again, so that another wig could be made out of it.” The inspirational little girl has been a huge comfort to her mum, who is mid way through her treatment.