Clare and Natasha are one in a million

LOOKING LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS...Clare Mullan and Natasha McVicker on winning form. CR19 501PL
LOOKING LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS...Clare Mullan and Natasha McVicker on winning form. CR19 501PL

A CASTLEROCK woman has beat Channel 4’s The Million Pound Drop scooping an amazing £25,000.

Clare Mullan and her friend Natasha McVicker from Ballymoney appeared live alongside presenter Davina McCall on last Friday and Saturday night’s programmes.

Not only friends but also colleagues at Waterside Dental Practice in Coleraine, Natasha and Clare started with £1million on the Friday night before taking home £25,000 as they made it through all eight questions.

Natasha explained: “We did quite well on Friday night even though we didn’t really know the answers. We managed to keep a fair bit of money and come the end of the show we had £75,000 in play with two questions to go.

“It was a bit disappointing not being able to finish it on Friday night as we felt the luck was with us. So we had a long sleepless night!

“Before we returned to the show the next night Clare and I decided that we would both go with our instincts and that once we had made a decision we were not going to change our minds.

“At no stage did we feel the money was ours. We kept referring to it as bundles and we’d managed to take one bundle (£25,000) into the final question.

“When Davina revealed the answer to that final question and the trapdoor we had placed the money on stayed shut it, the excitement, joy and realisation crept in - we’d won £25,000 between us.

“It was only then that we could finally start see them as bundles of cash, our bundles of joy. It was ridiculous, we were in utter disbelief but at the same time filled with complete delight.”

“After the show Davina was so delighted for us, she ran over and gave us a massive ‘mum hug’. It was very emotional and we couldn’t and didn’t want to pull away from each other. Davina is such a beautiful woman, she is really down to earth and just a genuine lovely lady. She knew that the money was going to help us both a lot.”

Both Natasha and Clare would like to say a massive thank you to Waterside Dental Practice, Coleraine for giving them the time off to do the show and to the staff and colleagues for all their support.