Coastguard assist swimmers in Portrush

TWO young swimmers unwittingly sparked off a full scale rescue operation at Portrush on Friday evening.

A rescue team from Coleraine Coastguard was tasked to the East Strand Portrush around 7.45pm following a 999 report of two swimmers possibly in difficulty several hundred yards offshore.

Coastguard personnel from Coleraine were quickly on scene and spotted the two swimmers well out from the shore. Although both seemed to be making progress, they seemed unaware that they were being carried along by the filling tide.

Portrush ILB was directed alongside the two 15-year-olds and the danger of their position was explained to them. Following this conversation, both young men willingly accepted a lift in the lifeboat back to the shore where they were met by Coastguard personnel.

Following the incident, Coastguard Station Officer Chris Little commented: “These two young men were completely oblivious to the possible dangers of their situation.

“Given the failing light and the fast flowing tide, they could have found themselves in a very difficult situation when they decided to try and make it back to the shore.”