Coleraine Council purchases defibrillator

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COLERAINE Borough Council has purchased a Defibrillator for its primary leisure facility, Coleraine Leisure Centre, in recognition of the fact that the possibility of heart attack can be raised in certain areas where sporting activities are undertaken.

It is also intended to purchase these machines for Jim Watt Sports Centre and Kilrea Sports Complex. Consideration is also to be given to how best to make Automated External Defibrillators available at other venues where there may be an increased risk of heart attack due to the activities taking place, the number of participants in an activity or the profile of users.

Whilst AEDs are designed to be used with minimal training, it is recognised that staff should receive training in its proper use. Such training will be carried out by the qualified Trainer Assessors in Coleraine Leisure Centre, with regular refresher training as necessary.