Coleraine Grammar School: info for parents

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Earlier this week we announced that current Coleraine Inst Principal Dr David Carruthers will be the new head of Coleraine Grammar School.

In a statement, the Interim Board have also announced details of open nights for both Coleraine High School and Coleraine Inst.

Open Nights for the new co-ed voluntary grammar school will take place on Tuesday 27th January at Coleraine Academical Institution and Thursday 29th January at Coleraine High School. During both evenings, the new Principal Designate, Dr Carruthers, will give more details about the plans for the new school at 6.30pm and again at 8pm.

In a statement, the Board also had the following information for parents: “Initially, for a limited time, the new school will operate on both existing sites and more details on exactly how this will work will be shared on Open Night.

“The Interim Board is however continuing to work with the Department of Education to secure investment on the current Coleraine Academical Institution site so that all the new school’s pupils can be accommodated on one site as soon as possible.

“The final enrolment number for the new school will be 1060 and the admission number into first year is 156.

“Pupils who are currently enrolled in Coleraine High School and Coleraine Academical Institution will continue their education as pupils of the new school in September 2015.

“The Interim Board has also been working on a wide range of other elements of the plan, including the name, uniform, motto and crest. There has been consultation with pupils, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, governors and former pupils on these issues and details will be shared by the Interim Board when they have been finalised.”