Coleraine Historical Society

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Coleraine Historical Society’s monthly talk programme continues on Tuesday, September 18, with a talk from Norman Thorpe of the Shackleton Aviation and Space Museum who is an expert in WWII Aviation history.

The talk will feature on RAF Ballykellly WW2 Coastal Command Development Unit, also 220 120 86 59 Squadrons convoy escort and Anti Submarine : Cold War with 5 Shackleton Squadrons 1952-1971 Anti - Submarine : Royal Navy 819 Squadron Helicopters February 1963-January1971, NITroubles Operation Banner Army Air Corp Ballykelly 655 Squadron Helicopters 1982-1991, Ballykelly closed to flying 2008.

The talk will take place at 7.30pm and will last approximately one hour. The venue is the Sandel Centre, 6 Knocklynn Road, Coleraine BT52 1WT in the Ground Floor Room (turn

right when you come through the main door).

Cost to non-members (who will be made very welcome) is £3 including tea/coffee and biscuits.

Free to existing members. Cost of membership is £15 per annum.

Full details of the Coleraine Historical Society, how to become a member and complete listing of the 2018/2019 programme of talks is available on the website