Coleraine Probus goes down under

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Last week Coleraine Probus members took a trip to New Zeeland, courtesy of Norman Gallagher, as he recounted this recent journey to both North and South islands of that distant country.

Norman had always been fascinated with New Zealand. As a child at school he liked to draw and copy maps, and the one he drew best was the furthest away of all.

Taking the opportunity of ‘a holiday of a lifetime’ Norman and his wife Hilary set off to explore New Zeeland from the very top of North Island to the toe of South Island.

And what a trip he had, covering nearly 3000 miles, collecting hundreds of beautiful photos and returning with many precious memories and tales to tell.

Norman’s travelogue talk and slide show to the club members was received with a certain amount of envy and had everyone thinking they should be contacting their travel agents – although most were a little unsure about the bungee jumping, white water rafting and the sand ‘snow boarding’!