Coleraine school one of seven evacuated after ‘malicious calls’

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Seven schools in Northern Ireland have reportedly been evacuated after receiving malicious calls, including Ballysally Primary School in Coleraine.

The PSNI have confirmed they are investigating the reports.

Principal of Ballysally Primary School in Coleraine Mr Dunne said his pupils were a “credit” to themselves and their families in how they conducted themselves during a “calm evacuation”.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: “It was a very disruptive morning. We received a telephone call and the first thoughts was safety and welfare of the pupils which we managed to do.

“Police made a thorough sweep of the area and assured it was safe to go back into school.

“The children were absolutely terrific. They were so well behaved and orderly and mannerly, really a credit to themselves, their families and the staff were terrific in dealing with any wee questions they had, it was very calm and orderly.

“It’s very frustrating when we are trying to meet the needs of children and this comes in.

“The fact the procedure work so well and the children were a credit.”

Bloomfield Primary School in Bangor received a call at around 9.20am and an evacuation of the school premises was then ordered.

Linn Primary School in Larne was also among the schools evacuated, while police searched the premises, but staff have since been allowed back into the building.

Lead Hill Primary School was evacuated at 9.30am while police searched the premises, before giving the all clear for pupils and staff to return at 10.10am.

Police have said that the incidents are not thought to be terrorism-related, but that enquiries are ongoing.

The PSNI are liaising with other UK police forces who have received similar calls this week.

The Education Authority released a statement confirming they were working with police to handle the situation.

“The Education Authority has been made aware of malicious communications to a number of schools today,” the statement read.

“Schools have in place policies and procedures for dealing with such incidents.

“They have been working closely with their local PSNI Officers and taking the relevant precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all children.”