Coleraine stroke group looks for hearty lunch support

MEMBERS of NI Chest Heart & Stroke’s (NICHS) Young Stroke Group in Coleraine want people to join them in the charities Hearty Lunch fundraiser, which will be Northern Ireland’s biggest lunch date.

The ‘Hearty Lunch’ which is supported by Kingsmill, will be held on June 17 and will encourage people to host a simple lunch, invite friends and charge each of them a modest fee, which will be donated to help the charities support groups and services in helping people live with stroke, respiratory illnesses and heart disease. Shelagh Cochrane, NICHS Stroke Co-ordinator in Coleraine said: “The Hearty Lunch is a fun and easy way to help raise funds to support services such as our Stroke Group. The weekly group gives support with emotional and physical aspects of recovery as well a great social outlet for people affected by stroke.”

The aim of the event is to encourage as many people as possible to have a healthy, cost effective meal and seek a minimum donation from each person attending. People might also want to hold other fundraising opportunities at the lunch, such as a raffle.

Valerie Saunders, NICHS Appeals Co-ordinator for Coleraine said: “This a simple way to support our work and have a nice lunch with friends or get everyone at your work to do a Hearty Lunch and help our work. Everyone knows someone affected by a chest, heart or stroke illnesses as 20 people a day in Northern Ireland die from these illnesses, so sign up for your Hearty Lunch today.”

As part of their support for the event Kingsmill, the bread brand will supply a free loaf to everyone who registers to take part in the ‘Hearty Lunch’. Victoria Brown, Kingsmill marketing and communication executive said, “We are very pleased to be able to support the work of NI Chest Heart and Stroke and ‘The Hearty Lunch’ is a great fundraising event to be part of. Everyone in Northern Ireland knows someone affected by a chest, heart or stroke illnesses and it is great to be able to offer our support.”

Ideas to get people started on the Hearty Lunch are being posted on the charity’s web site There is also an NICHS Facebook page containing tips, information and healthy recipes, so you don’t have to use your loaf – except for making the sandwiches, of course.