Coleraine tree to replaced after wind damage

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Coleraine’s Christmas tree to be replaced this week.

On Saturday, just days after it was put in place, council staff cut the tree down after it was damaged in high winds.

In a statement to The Coleraine Times on Monday, council confirmed that the cost of the tree would be ‘approximately £500’.

Some residents had commented on the new position of the tree at the Bridge Street end of the Town Hall, but in the statement, Council conirmed that the decision to move the tree had been made by council members last year.

“The tree has been moved to Bridge Street as there was a direct impact on the cenotaph.

“In 2014, Councillors agreed to move it to the front of the events space, next to where Santa switches on the lights each year, and to connect the waterside area of Coleraine with town centre.”