Coleraine woman establishes charity in memory of her fiance

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A COLERAINE woman who lost her fiance two months before they were due to be married, has set up one of the first charities for sarcoma cancer in Northern Ireland - The Boom Foundation.

Leona Rankin (26), who is a solicitor, spoke to The Times this week about her brave fiance Philip Wilson, who was originally from Lisburn.

Philip was first diagnosed with sarcoma cancer - a rare form of cancer which affects the soft tissue and bones of the body back in 2003.

Sadly after being in remission for six years, the cancer returned in 2009 and on March 8 of this year, Philip, who was just 36, sadly lost his battle.

In Philip’s memory, Leona has set up the charity aimed at raising awareness of the cancer here in Northern Ireland and helping those receiving treatment for the

“We were due to get married on May 2 this year, and because he didn’t know he was dying, right up until he passed away he was busy organising for our big day.

“In January 2012 when Philip was diagnosed with having multiple tumors, we were told that there was no surgery for him, so he had to go through therapy.

“During this time I felt a little frustrated, we would be sent home for weeks at a time, with no help, and we had very little support until right at the very end, at which point Philip didn’t want any.”

Money raised by the charity will be split - 50 pecent will be used in Northern Ireland the other half will go to Sarcoma UK who do vital research,.