Community Safety Partnership committed to making area safer

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COLERAINE Policing and Community Safety Partnership was formed in April this year and consists of ten elected members, nine independent members and representation from four statutory bodies.

These bodies include the Police Service NI, Youth Justice Agency, NI Housing Executive and the Probation Board.

Alderman Hickey said: “The aim of the partnership is to empower our local communities and help them develop local solutions, helping tackle local issues such as fear of crime, anti social behaviour and confidence in policing. The Coleraine PCSP aims to deliver a positive difference to the community and contribute to the reduction of crime by enhancing community safety in the Borough.

“This partnership also has direct responsibility for providing the views of the local community on Policing, to the local Commander and the Northern Ireland Policing Board. As a group we are committed to ensuring that Coleraine PSNI provide the community with a professional service, meeting the commitments made to the community within the local policing plan.

“Coleraine PCSP is committed to the local communities and we are all determined to make a real, sustainable change in order to make Coleraine a safer place, by tackling many of the very real issues that affect us all.

“I invite those who live in Coleraine, to put forward their input into the PCSP action plan which is currently being developed. This plan aims to address local concerns and provides an opportunity to complete an online survey on Coleraine Borough Council’s website or by emailing comments to”

Members of the Coleraine PCSP include Cllr David Barbour, Cllr Samuel Cole, Ald William Creelman Cllr George Duddy, Cllr Phyllis, Fielding, Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick, Cllr David Harding, Ald Maura Hickey, Cllr William King and Ald James McClure.

Independent members are Sharon Burnett, Nigel Macauley, Patrick McGowan, Patricia McQuillan, Rae Morrison, Graham Scobie, Ann McNickle, Roger McCallum and David Gibson.

Members can be contacted via Coleraine Policing and Community Safety Partnership Coleraine Borough Council 02870347032.