Could three-weekly bin collections be on way?

The food bin waste will be collected along with regular bins.
The food bin waste will be collected along with regular bins.

The Coleraine Times understands that as part of a cost cutting exercice by Causeway Council that radical changes may be made to weekly bin collections across the borugh..

As part of a Council rates workshop in December, councillors were asked for their views on a number of proposals, including one that involved the collection of bins once every three weeks across the borough.

Currently both black and blue bins are collected on a fortnightly basis. The introduction of a third bin, a brown bin could see collections moved to a three week cycle.

Other proposals in a bid to reduce costs, are thought to include the closure of the civic amenity sites at the weekends and scrapping Wombles during seasonal periods.

PUP councillor Russell Watton says he will be oppposing any cuts to front line services.

“I understand that some cuts must be made to keep the rates down, but cuts to services like this affect everyone from the working man up.

“I will not be agreeing to them.

“How is a family with three or four children suppposed to cope if they are only having their black bin collected every three weeks? It is impossible, no matter how much recycling that you do.”

Councillor Watton also claimed that Council staff were ‘extremely unhappy’ about any proposed changes.

“At the workshop we were told that overtime could be cut for staff.

“I know that many of the Council staff rely on that extra work, particulary at the weekends to make up their pay packet.

“These men have wives and families to care for - they are also ratepayers of this borough, we must give them a fair deal.

“Any proposal to close civic amenity sites at the weekends will simply will not work - how is the working man suppposed to access this vital front line service if he is working Monday to Friday? I simply don’t think we have thought this through.”

The councillor went on to question proposals put forward by the Ulster Unionist Party in relation to rates.

“UUP councillors were in favour of a three percent decrease in rates, but I am yet to hear how they would put this in place without huge cuts to front line services which would have a huge impact on ratepayers.”

The Times understands that Head of Environment Services, Aiden McPeak visited the Loughanhill Depot and spoke with Technical services staff, outlining some of the changes that may be brought forward in the future.

We contacted Council and in a statement they confirmed that different ‘waste collections models’ were being looked at.

“Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council can confirm that several waste collection models are being considered by the Council officers to meet the changing legislative demands in the waste sector.

“Council is currently in the process of costing these options with a view to bringing proposals to members for their consideration in the near future.”

We want your views on this story. Tell us what you think about waste collection in the Causeway Coast and Glens - could you cope with a three week bin cycle, do you want another bin to dispose of your waste?