Could you be a befriender?

Jayne Clarke, Volunteer Co-ordinator of Causeway Befrienders.
Jayne Clarke, Volunteer Co-ordinator of Causeway Befrienders.
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Causeway Volunteer Centre has been running the Causeway Befrienders Project for over ten years.

The service provides someone who is physically disabled, aged between 18-65 and who is socially isolated with a volunteer befriender.

With a minimum commitment of one hour per week, the volunteer visits the person in the comfort of their home and builds a friendship.

The volunteers is providing an invaluable service and making a remarkable difference in someone’s life.

This relationship is vital for the person in need as they look forward to a regular visit from a friendly face.

Jayne Clarke, the Volunteer Co-ordinator for the project said: “I have been involved with the project for a very long time and even helped create the project in the very beginning. I believe that Causeway Befrienders is such a great free service provided to the local community.

The relationship between the two people involved can be life changing for both.

“All of our volunteers are committed, friendly and valued members of the team and without them we could not continue to provide the service that we do.”

If you feel that you meet the criteria and would like a volunteer befriender, contact Stephanie at Causeway Volunteer Centre on 028 703 58285 or email