Council advises dog owners to get a licence or face fine

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COLERAINE Borough Council dog warden team would like to remind all dog owners about the importance of having a valid dog licence.

At a cost of £12.50 dog licences are renewable each year and concessions apply if a dog is neutered, owners are in receipt of benefits or are of state pension age. A microchip number is also required for a licence application to be processed.

The Dog Warden team would urge all dog owners who do not have a current licence to either apply for a new licence or to use the reminder letter that they have received to renew the licence. Payments can be made online, over the phone, in person by calling to the Council Offices, or by post enclosing a cheque or postal order.

Over the coming weeks the dog warden team will be concentrating on following up unlicensed dogs and a fixed penalty will be issued on the spot to owners found to be without a valid dog licence.

If a licence is not renewed after two reminders a Fixed Penalty fine of £80 will be issued. Similarly if you are found to be in possession of a dog without a valid licence the same fine will apply.

This is a reminder so do not be caught out!