Council agree to spend £15k on jubilee stain glass window at the Town Hall

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COLERAINE Council has agreed on a design for a new stain glass window to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The design, which was created by local supllier Chris McClintock, will be put into a new window at Coleraine Town Hall and will cost in the region of £15,000.

The simple design features the Royal crest, lattice effect, inset diamonds and flax flowers.

It will also bear the wording: ‘The Borough of Coleraine extends to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II its best wishes on her Diamond Jubilee 2012’.

Alderman James McClure, who tabled the Notice of Motion last year calling on the installation of a window to recognise this occasion, proposed council accept the design.

“I have been really impressed with this design since I first saw it, I would like to congratulate everyone who has worked on this project, they have doen a magnificent job,” he said.

Cllr David McClarty, who seconded the proposal, agreed saying: “It is a simple design but the longer you look at it the more you see in it.”

Cllr Yvonne Boyle asked how the new design would fit in with the existing windows at the Town Hall.

The council’s Head of Performance, Policy and Governance, Mr David Jackson, said that had been taken into consideration when coming up with the new design.

“We didn’t wish to duplicate what was already there and also we didn’t want the design to be to intricate so as to restrict light coming into the room it will be placed in,” he said.

It is hoped to complete the project by June 2013.

Right: The window design