Council agrees rates increase

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COLERAINE Borough Council struck an increase of 1.9% forthe borough’s domestic and non-domestic rate at a special meeting on Tuesday night.

The rise, combined with the regional rate rise of 2.7%, gives an overall average domestic ratepayer an increase of 2.34%. In real terms this equates to an additional 47 pence per week for a household with a property capital value of £150,000.

The average non-domestic ratepayer will pay an extra 2.36% equating to £5.17 per week (based on a business property with a Net Annual Value of £20,000).

Council Chief Executive, Mr Roger Wilson, said Council faces cost pressures in the coming year.

“Waste Management costs, including a fruther increase in landfill tax, and reducing levels of income are the main financial pressures facing council,” he said.

“Landfill tax alone costs Coleraine Borough Council approximately £1,080,000, and increase of £127,800.

“However a programme of efficiencies across council service areas has kept the rates increase below inflation.

“In setting the new rate councillors were very aware of the increased financial challenges being faced by the community. At the same time members wanted to ensure that the council continues to deliver high quality services, while investing in key capital projects that will benefit the borough in years to come.”