Council given new powers over littering

COLERAINE Borough Council now has additional powers to tackle the blight of littering.

As part of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, which came into force at the start of this month, the fixed penalty for littering has been increased to £80.

Council will also be able to issue litter clearing notices to cover private land like supermarket and restaurant car parks as part of the new powers.

Gating Orders are also part of the Act. They can be made if officers are satisfied that premises adjoining the road are affected by anti social behaviour.

Other powers relate to abandoned vehicles, fly posting, abandoned trolleys and dog fouling.

Environmental Health Officer, Jackie Barr gave details of the new legislation to members attending last Tuesday Leisure and Environment meeting at Cloonavin.

Ms Barr said that the additional powers would be jointly enforced by Council and police and hoped that joint enforcement would remedy situations quicker.