Council issuing free composters

MAKING compost at home couldn’t be easier with one of Coleraine Borough Council’s free home composters.

Council, funded by Rethink Waste, is giving away 10,000 home composters to selected homes in Garvagh, Kilrea, Coleraine, Portrush and Portstewart. From mid March Coleraine Borough residents can enjoy the benefits of the home composter by turning old tea bags, out of date food and grass cuttings into compost for flower beds and pot plants.

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms garden and kitchen waste into nutritiously rich food for flowers and plants. Council is encouraging the people who receive the composting units to give composting a go as it helps to reduce carbon footprint, produces a useful product from rubbish and help protect precious peatland habitats.

Fiona Watters, Waste and Recycling Officer with Coleraine Borough Council said, “People get into composting for all sorts of reasons. Some of us are motivated through a love of gardening, many people don’t like to waste left-overs or out-of-date food, preferring to put them to good use by making compost.

“Some of us are keen to reduce our carbon footprint; and many people simply want to send less rubbish to landfill. Did you know, composting at home for just one year can save global warming gases equivalent to all the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) your kettle produces in a year? “

Fiona added, “People often ask why we need to compost when our waste will break down in landfill anyway. When rubbish is sent to landfill, air cannot get to the organic waste. This means that as food and garden wastes break down they create a harmful greenhouse gas – methane - which may cause global warming and climate change. “However, when this same waste is composted above ground at home, oxygen helps the waste to decompose and hardly any methane is produced. This is good news for us and planet Earth! And what’s more, after about ten months, you will have a free fertiliser that your flowers and pot plants will love. Making compost at home really is a win-win for people and the planet.”

Garden waste such as grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, weeds, twigs and small branches along with vegetable peelings and fruit peelings, uncooked vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, crushed egg shells, fruit waste, shredded news/paper, cut flowers and house plants can all be composted at home in a composter or compost heap.

Please read carefully through the information leaflet attached to the lid of the home composter, or go to for further details. It is important to put the correct items into your compost bin and to avoid others.

Home composters will be delivered to some homes in the selected areas during March. For details of those areas selected in each town, please go to

If you receive a free home composter and do not want it, please phone 028 7034 3453 before April 1 or bring it to your nearest Coleraine Borough Council Recycling Site. Unwanted composters will be given out to other residents, so it is important to keep the lid and hatch door safely with the bin.