Council to install window to honour Queen’s Jubilee

COLERAINE Borough Council has voted unanimously to install at new stained glass window in the Town Hall to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

At Tuesday’s Council meeting, DUP Alderman James McClure tabled a motion seeking support to install the window to mark “this historic occasion and strong association with Her Royal Highness”.

The motion was seconded by UUP Alderman Norman Hillis.

Alliance councillor Barney Fitzpatrick joked that “despite the fact that she did not grant us city status, I will support the motion.”

Fellow Alliance councillor Yvonne Boyle said that she joined with her party in sending good wishes to Her Majesty and added that she is also a fan of stained glass windows.

However she asked where the money would come from to pay for the installation?

Chief Executive Roger Wilson said that the cost would have to be met from the budget for the year. He also suggested that a working group be established to progress the issue.

Cllr David Harding then asked if a local stained glass artist could be commissioned to carry out the work.

SDLP councillor Gerry McLaughlin also said he would support the motion as the Queen could do something that he couldn’t - speak Irish!

When it came to voting on the issue, the motion was carried unanimously.