Council under fire over public toilet closures

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THE Ports were buzzing last weekend as throngs of visitors came to the North Coast to spend their Easter holidays.

However, we were contacted by one holiday maker who said she got a “real sickener” whilst visiting Portstewart last Wednesday.

The holiday maker, who did not wish to be named, is from Portadown.

She had been enjoying the play park at The Crescent with her mother and her two children, when one of her children, and her elderly mother had to use the toilet.

“We raced up to the toilets at the Town Hall only to find that they were closed.

“We then had to get into the car and go through the heavy traffic to the other end of the Prom to the faciliites at the bus stop.

“This was very unpleasant and we were in a real panic as my mother has a medical condition.”

The mother of two said she wanted to speak out about the issue: “We are happy to come to the area and spend our money boosting the local economy, I think the very least that the Council can do is provide facilities, especially near a playpark.

“I just hope that by highlighting this that others won’t be in the same situation as we were.”

We contacted Coleraine Borough Council on Friday. In a statement, a spokesperson said: “The toilets in question in Portstewart were scheduled to open for the Easter holidays.

“However upon inspection it was found that there had been substantial deterioration during closure. This required urgent attention by Council staff to make the facilities fit for public use. This action was taken over the holiday period and the toilets have now reopened.

“Further renovation work is being considered.”