Crabbit, crack, danner, footery...Ulster-Scots guide to help Open visitors

Former US Open winner Graeme McDowell
Former US Open winner Graeme McDowell

As play got under way at The Open at Royal Portrush, the Ulster-Scots Agency issued a helpful list of 50 Ulster-Scots words that visitors to the area might encounter when talking to locals.

The list, which includes words like crabbit, crack, danner, footery, foundered and hoke, together with their meanings in English, is published on the Ulster-Scots Agency’s website and facebook page.

The post, which is written entirely in Ulster-Scots, features a photo of former US Open winner Graeme McDowell in a striking tartan jacket (received for winning a tournament in the US).

It refers to his Portrush roots and the fact that many people in the area speak Ulster-Scots, but mischievously states: “Ye widnae ken it noo he taaks aa American.” The tongue in cheek nature of the comment is emphasised with the addition of a winking emoji.

An Ulster-Scots Agency spokesperson said: “It’s fantastic that so many thousands of people are visiting Portrush and the wider north coast for The Open.

“Since the area is part of the coastal arc of Northern Ireland where the Ulster-Scots language is strongest, we thought it would be a good idea to make sure that folk could recognise and understand Ulster-Scots when they came across it.

“We have bantered GMAC a wee bit, but we are sure as a local he will take it in good part and naturally we wish him all the best for the remainder of the tournament.”

The full list can be found on the Ulster-Scots Agency website at or their Facebook page at