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Police in Portrush say they have spent the last two weekends dealing with groups of young people ‘causing havoc’ in the seaside town.

Local officers say that they have taken a ‘robust’ approach to dealing with the issue of anti-social behaviour and underage drinking, and that officers from other areas had to be drafted in to help the local neighbourhood officers with theoperation.

During the crackdown police confirmed that a ‘considerable’ amount of alcohol was seized.

A number of the young people were also arrested for disorderly behaviour, criminal damage and assaults.

Constable Lisa Coyle explained: “Local police had received many reports of underage drinking and anti-social behaviour.

“We have a duty to keep these young people safe from harm, as well as a role to play in curbing anti-social behaviour and improving everyone’s quality of life.

“Over the last fortnight, many young people were arrested, cautioned and spoken to.

“Our Youth Diversion Officers will now be working with many of these young people to help them understand the impact and consequences of their choices.

“I would like to thank the people of Portrush who supported us in tackling this issue.”