Crime prevention at RDA

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Judith Lavery, PSNI Crime Prevention Officer made a visit the RDA centre in Castleroe recently.

Judith joined Centre Manager, Michelle Scott to highlight the importance of crime prevention.

During the visit the PSNI officer marked saddles, bridles and other equine equipment in a bid to educate riders on the importance of crime prevention.

As anyone with an equestrian background knows - horse riding equipment is not cheap therefore it is important to deter thieves.

Judith said: “I’m delighted to be working with Riding for the Disabled to help them understand the simple steps that can be taken to ensure that things like saddles and blankets aren’t taken by opportunist thieves.

“My message is to lock expensive items away and make sure that stables and outhouses are well lit and always secured.

“Property marking helps recover stolen items and can deter thieves in the first place.

“Also, if you notice suspicious activity in and around stables and fields, please contact police immediately.”

Crime prevention officer, Judith Laverty pictured with MIchelle Scott of the RDA at their Castleroe centre.