‘Anti-social behaviour’ is highest in town

COLERAINE town experienced the largest number of incidents of anti-social behaviour last year compared with the rural and coastal areas.

That was the message from the PSNI Area Commander at a recent meeting of Coleraine District Policing Partnership.

Chief Inspector Nicky Thompson gave members a nine-month report at the meeting in Portrush Town Hall.

He reported that the number of anti-social behaviour incidents deemed as “personal” in the period April to December 2001 was 769.

Coleraine town reported the most incidents with 180 in the first quarter, 177 in the second and 180 in the third.

That compared with Coleraine rural area with only 17 incidents in the first quarter of the year, 17 in the second and 11 in the third.

Coleraine Coast reported 65 in the first quarter, 58 in the second and 64 in the third.

Chief Inspector Thompson said anti-social behaviour “includes incidents that cause concern, stress, disquiet and/or irritation through to incidents which have a serious adverse impact on people’s quality of life.

“At one extreme of the spectrum it includes minor annoyance, at the other it could result in risk of harm, deterioration of health and disruption of mental or emotional well-being, resulting in an inability to carry out normal day to day activities through fear and intimidation.

“The Neighbourhood policing teams are primarily responsible for problem solving personal anti-social behaviour within communities. They routinely review and call back members of the public in their beat area who have requested assistance from the police.

“They work to identify patterns and trends in anti-social behaviour and when necessary develop specific problem solving folders.”