Bail variation denied to man with 160 convictions

A PORTSTEWART man with 160 previous convictions remains banned from entering the west side of Coleraine.

Before last Wednesday’s sitting of North Antrim Magistrates’ Court was Alan Matthew Stanfield (34) of Swilly Close.

Stanfield is charged with disorderly behaviour, assaulting two police officers and resisting an officer on St Patrick’s Day.

Stanfield’s solicitor, Garrett Greene, asked the court to consider a bail variation to enable his client to enter the west side of Coleraine.

A police constable said that Stanfield had been charged following a band parade in Coleraine.

She added that on the night of the incident, Stanfield had been warned six times about his behaviour before he was arrested.

The officer said that police objected to the variation as flags were to be erected in the area in the coming days and that further parades were planned. She said that Stanfield’s presence in the area may cause some contention.

Speaking on behalf of his client, Mr Greene said that Stanfield had family members, including an elderly grandmother in the area. He added that his two children also lived in the Heights area of Coleraine.

District Judge, Mervyn Bates, refused the bail variation and commented on Stanfield’s ‘poor record’.

“You have convictions for riotous, disorderly behaviour and assault on police officers, 160 overall,” said the judge.

“Fourteen of these alone are for assault on police officers. You are fortunate to get bail at all.”