‘Busker’ died from ‘unrelated illness’ say police

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Police say that a dog in Coleraine believed to have been attacked by a hammer in October in fact died from an unrelated illness.

At the time it was thought that the Jack Russell, called ‘Busker’, had been attacked in the Maple Drive area of Coleraine.

The injuries were believed to have been caused by a blunt object, possibly a hammer.

Busker failed to recover from the apparent attack and was been put down by a local vet.

Acting upon the report, policein Coleraine issued a public appeal for anyone who knew anything about the circumstances of the animal’s death.

Inspector Ian Armour told The Coleraine Times: “Police received a report that a dog had been attacked and killed, possibly having been struck on the head with a blunt object.

“We investigated the matter and on the basis of the vet’s report, are content that the dog had not been attacked but instead died from an underlying condition.

“The suspected attack on the dog was widely reported by the media at the time.

“I know that this caused a fair amount of concern for local people, especially dog owners.

“Understandably so. However, I would like to reassure people that the dog had not been attacked.”

Inspector Armour concluded: “We do not think that the report made by the dog owner was malicious and the incident is now closed as far as police are concerned.”