Courthouse to get more double yellow lines

MOUNTSANDEL residents are in line to get additional double yellow lines to combat rising numbers attending Coleraine Court.

Neighbours have complained of being unable to access their homes on busy court days but have found a knight in shining armour in the form of bobby on the beat, according to Constable Darryl Robinson.

Residents of Woodland Park, Mountsandel, raised concerns about obstructive parking on the main road that runs past the courthouse which prompted the local cop to hold a “street brief”.

The result of the meeting was a commitment by DoE Roads Service to paint additional double yellow lines across from the government building to permit the free flow of traffic to and from residents’ homes.

In addition, following concerns raised by the head teacher of St. Joseph’s College about anti-social behaviour at the old hospital site, the busy constable has arranged an inter-agency site meeting.

Since then the contractor has secured the perimeter fencing which has reduced some of the anti-social behaviour much to the pleasure of local residents.

A police spokesman commented: “It is a large site and will require ongoing work to solve this issue.”